October 15th-2007 Cole and Foltin

July 31, 2009

Media & Loraine Ritchey & John Cole/Morning Journal Loraine Ritchey on 15 Oct 2007


COLE-fuc-*-us say :

Apologies to  Confucius 

Is  this man for  real  ?  TP photo
Since they don’t put the comics on line TP ( or That Paper) I always get a bit of laugh reading Mr. Cole’s take on life and so since we know that on August 1st  2004 Johnny Boy’s editorial sent Foltin charging off to the Shawnee and Terry  Casey –  his latest writings -especially this paragraph caused the bile to move up and out of  the stomach and nearly choke THAT Woman!

The second throw of the dice for Lorain was Craig Foltin’s pillow talk with the Eastern Shawnee Indians. Predicated on dubious legal claims and if-you-say-so financial, planning and managerial expertise, the treaty was signed, the chief and the mayor blew a lot of smoke in the air and, before you knew it, Lorainites woke up one morning blood brothers to Tecumseh. It was a lot of fun if nothing else.

OH Johnny Boy! here I  go  again “nay saying” waiting to  incur the wrath of the mighty King Cole! NO FUN  for the tax payer -over $100,000 wasted by my calculations thanks to you supplying the bed for the pillow talk,

Remember your words back then Johnny

If Lorain has any hope of ever getting the local casino many of its citizens have longed for, now would be a good time to get moving to make it a reality. If the Eastern Shawnees are successful, Lorain could find itself at a disadvantage because of the competition from the tribe’s casinos in southwestern Ohio or because of any potential agreements made between the state and tribal casino developers.

And after a great deal of reasoning why we should jump in bed with your “slot sluts” you end up saying.

It’s time again for Lorain to jump into the casino game.

For  your  FUN peoples lives  were disrupted and bunch of lemmings got on the casino tour bus

following General Foltin to the Battle of the Little Big Bucks – A town divided , people in other parts of Ohio having their property compromised. I could go on – YOU  SIR ! HAVE A PECULIAR IDEA OF  FUN?

Condos  for  Cole article” I  wrote:

It seems this town has a lot to thank Mr. Cole for in recent months. August 1st 2004 the editorial which pointed Lorain in the direction of the Eastern Shawnee. Starting off a firestorm of wheeling, dealing, controversy and spending of taxpayer’s money. The fact that National Capital One (in whose direction we were pointed) and Terry Casey, spokesperson for National Capital One who had a less than a sterling reputation was never mentioned in the editorial. In fact although Dayton, Cleveland newspapers carried the story of Casey’s “faux paux” I could never find mention of that fact in any of Cole’s Editorials. The fact that National Capital One has pleaded guilty to securities fraud has not had any mention in any editorial I have seen since. And oh yes! the very person to whom Cole’s ability to “squash” was touted was that same Terry Casey in the infamous e-mail from Mayor Foltin.

We at Wom documented up the yin-yang all  the money,  the waste of  time, expertise and city resources this whole fiasco cost this city and Johnny Boy I am so  glad YOU  HAD FUN at OUR EXPENSE!!!!!!

It seems a lot of  the FEES were apparently rolled over into “a Bond”  What Bond would  that be I wonder? Could it be the Bond for the Jail?

The legal bill from Anthony Calabrese and the law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease was rolled into a bond sale

Remember the  Jail  that never was Bond Johnny  Boy ? The Plain Dealer had an editorial on that  subject Johnny, maybe your  wife who  buys another newspaper could  fill  you  in!

Lorain, the largest city in Lorain County, has no jail. Its police send their criminal suspects to the county’s lockup. Some critics say the city of 68,000 people lacks a jail because Mayor Craig Foltin and Safety Director Craig Miller diverted available money that could have been used to replace the antiquated facility that was closed last year. They say it was spent on City Hall improvements, downtown lighting, landscaping and the like.

So  Johnny Boy the next time you  decided to  get us  in bed together for some pillow talk – cause you  good Ole Boys “just wanna have fun” – YOU  FOOT  THE  BILL!!!


November 13th-2007

July 31, 2009

Opinion & Loraine Ritchey Loraine Ritchey on 13 Nov 2007 09:52 am


It is easy being beige- be brave not beige?

Note: this was written before I went from Beige to  seeing RED on November the 8th 2007 – changes have been made to  the original  article but the Beige remains the same!

And see what it gets you?


Beige is the colour of safety, it is the color of PC and non controversial thinking and speaking. We have videos and commercials about not being Beige.

There are people even trying to shed the beige persona

When you’re beige, your stuck—there isn’t a whole lot you can do and if a change or an alteration is necessary, there you are in beige and where do you go from there? When you’re beige, you can’t reach out a grab hold of anything that can whisk you away from the muddy quagmire and tar-pit you’re stuck in—even when it is within reach. When you’re beige, you go with a lot of different things, which means you don’t go with anything. Bill Maher once pointed out that when something is publicized as “fun for the whole family,” that means you can be sure it’s fun for no one.

I’m not ready for a Harley or a Mohawk (both old-fashioned symbols of what people going through a mid-life crisis do to signify their attempt at being contemporary, only I’m so far from that that even my clichés are cliché.) But here goes painting my world that shade of beige that has the hint of the colors of the “wild and crazy” way we are going to be doing business. I just hope someone slaps me if I wind up looking like Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd playing those “wild and crazy” Czechoslovakian Festrunk brothers.

I wonder if Harley’s come in beige?

My mother has always accused me of being black and white in my thinking- no  grey or beige for me- but I get the distinct feeling Beige is  slowly taking  over my  rainbow  of  action – like some oozing beige blob slowly devouring my will , installing its beigness over my thoughts and actions sucking me into its warm beige underbelly to suckle on the teets of indifference, non commitment  and apathy.

Oh! I struggle some and rant and rave my colourful  opinions though are being tamed by the sheer weight of Beige…..


Is it family that has helped me on the way to Beige?

” Don’t make a fuss mum”

as I was doing just that on election night ,as I  requested  a paper ballot so I could ”write in” my particular choices Misty and Dexter ( comment 21)


“not  going to  do  you  any  good  anyway-  why  even bother –  I  am going to  pretend I am not  with  you ! ”

said my  “embarrassed by  his  mother -yet again son”. His  embarrassment started early when I turned up  at preschool dressed as a big yellow chicken (another story). Is he right? Probably, -so  sad –SOOOO  BEIGE

I  had for the first 50  years or so of  my life definite opinions, devil  may care , I stood my  ground, debated and argued the point- Beige was a dirty word– but lately I  find myself succumbing to Beige. It is  so easy being Beige, it is the Gutless Color, oh ! I make the excuse -pick your  battles- take  your  time to  react- get to  know  the other side, I know they are really excuses ( beige ones). 

Does one’s intestinal fortitude dry up  along with  disappearing hormones and brain cells, is it all  mother natures fault? Can I take a pill that will  give me back the will  to  be controversial and care? Ah! the soft comfy safety net of  Beige beckons me , calling to  me in soft fluffy clouds of beige…….  What is  it going to  take to  leave the  safe sanctuary of  Beige?

Note:  it  was ”the empty BEIGE square of dirt” that got  me seeing red-   Will  it last  my  passionate red personna? –  I  don’t know but I think my personna of rainbow colors will  be triggered by –  arrogance, futility-wordsmithying -ignorance-destruction- politics. Ask yourself

January 16th, 2007 WoM

July 31, 2009

Am I Speaking in a Vacuum?



Every night for months I would wait in the wings watching and listening to the cast of characters spinning the plot of the play “To Gillian on her 37th Birthday”. I played Gillian, (a ghost) – the dead wife of the lead character “David Lewis”.

I would wait for my cue each night to involve myself in the action and yet being a ghost unable to be heard or seen by the majority of characters, no matter how creative, my impact only fell on the one who was “open” to the presence.

 “Am I speaking in a vacuum” the line delivered to the sea winds and gulls spelled out Lewis’ frustration with his lot and being unable to make himself heard to those around him. The only person “listening ” was a ghost who was unable to reach out and make the difference in his situation.

I wrote those words three years ago as they pertained to the “politics” of dance.  But like Gillian they come back to haunt .

As the Co-Chair of Charleston Village, and the person who  has the ability to attend day time meetings, it has fallen to  me to be the representative of our organization at most – “not  another brilliant idea, Ollie” meetings.  Some pulled me in, some as a ”watcher”, some as “this is a complete waste of time” – but  like a good co-chair and citizen I have been attending.

Ah youth! I remember thinking I could change the world, that “right was might” and it was the fault of the complacent and apathetic public why our world or little part of our world was the way it was and is.

“Get involved in your community” 

came the cry of the media,

“Ask not  what your country can do for you but  what you can do for your country”

came the cry from a President.

“Come and Join Us – make a difference – Your  voice counts” 

came the cry of the activists.  (I think they must all be young)

Alright – I answered the call, polished up my “tilting at windmills armor” and rode off on my “off to save the day  steed”


Salvador Dali

I have realized a lot of things as I grow older and one realization (especially in the past two years) has become painfully apparent to me.  We “the apathetic public” chastized for our ”lack of participation in our nation”  aren’t really expected to be involved unless it suits the “powers that be”.

In the ideal political world we would, like holiday decorations, be trotted out when needed and then packed away for the next time we are needed. We are needed to pack council  chambers and answer the call when the votes are needed to  be swayed “my  group of supporters is bigger than your  group of  supporters” political ploy. Our letters to the editor only the “needed” letters published, any other time we are cranks and crackpots. 

Ironically,  it seems for reasons I cannot fathom,  it helps when private grants and governmental grants have grass roots or letters of support from the public. So we are useful  then. We are useful when it comes to  getting signatures, we are useful  for  turning out  to vote for political parties, they  beat the drums to  get us involved. (Although it seems “independent “ voters are NOT that useful)

Once we have served our purpose then “back to life” comes the “should be seen and not  heard and speak only  when spoken to“ scenario.  Any other time and you are a nuisance should you dare to have a differing opinion or heaven forbid start asking “questions”.

The media has a lot of power, we are needed for opposing opinions – controversy pulls in the ratings. We are needed to attend task force meetings to show the media and voters (especiallly  in an election year) ”we are doing our jobs”  or  to show that there ”was a public  meeting on this  issue” just to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed in case one of us actually is ”involved enough and able to” hire an attorney.

As the ghost I sit and watch ”the process of politics”, the nodding in agreement of the talking heads – the “act” of  listening, the

“tch tch tch yes dreadful what you are experiencing”

and the 

“this is all very emotional “

Ah the dreaded “emotional” tag word which sends a message to the higher ups and to the general  public who  read – the message we “Emotionally  involved worry the powers that be” 

“observations by the panel of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. “Two types of property owner the one that is the economic holdout and the one that is the emotional holdout.”  It seems the emotional holdout worries the – powers that be – the most “you get some 90 year old lady wanting to die in her home, this can cause greater difficulty than the economic holdout”.  The Cato Institute stated “Kelo’s (The recent supreme court ruling) SYMBOLIC significance is probably more damaging than its practical application”

so they go back to the rest of the public and to the upper echelon and denigate the differing opinion with

“we have – you ”know” (nudge nudge wink  wink) people thinking with their emotions  not  their heads, message ….so just smile pat them on the head and move on message”,

like dealing with a sobbing child – The “big We ares and I  am’s” sit patiently through the “tantrum” (because they are paid to do so – part of the job) let the emotionally  involved have their moment of “we tried – they listened meeting” before the forgone conclusion of they will do what they were going to do anyway. Wait long enough and another “emotional  issue will take precedent .

Emotion has become a dirty word and all encompassing – it “explains” why someone speaks out! They (the naysayers) are  ”emotionally”  (left unsaid they must then also be unstable) involved. The word left unsaid, but understood, gives logical reasoning for the dissent.

Sometimes we are given a crust when the “ghost of public  opinion” manages to make the transition, for a brief moment, across the political and financial veil. And it looks like we have some power and have made a difference we can rest easy  once more but don’t you believe it! The dead idea may also be resurrected in the shadow world of politics and it too will come back to haunt.

The actors in this particular production of ”Tales of the Inner Circle” know the script and the audience of the general public are just there to  applaude on cue. The ghost in the wings watches, tired of trying to be heard fades away and new characters take her place, apathy and cynicism.

Foltin Responds- Bakalar

July 11, 2009

District & Media & Craig Foltin scott bakalar on 22 Sep 2006


The Plain Dealer and Foltin Respond

With a huge tip of the WoM hat to rona! –

From the PD’s Stephen Luttner on the Openers Weblog (all emphasis is mine – sb)

On Second Thought

Attentive readers of OPEN noticed today that congressional candidate Craig Foltin had revised one of his posts on OPEN MIKE, deleting a reference about the impending sale of the vacant Ford plant in Lorain.

Foltin, the mayor of Lorain and candidate for Congress in the 13th District, said in the original post that a buyer was lined up for the plant – where thousands of workers once made Thunderbirds before the factory was closed.

“Fortunately, we already have a buyer of the plant and we hope to make that announcement within the coming months,” Foltin wrote.

But after re-reading those words later, Foltin decided to take them out. How come?

“I do not wish to say anything that could hinder the deal,” Foltin said Friday afternoon. He said he realized that he was drawing unwanted attention to the potential buyer of the plant, whom he declined to identify. “The deal is not done.”

“I will stand by my statements that we are very optimistic that we will have a buyer,” Foltin said.”

–Stephen Luttner

But that’s not what Foltin said in his original Opener’s Blog piece.

He said originally:

Fortunately, we already have a buyer of the plant, and we hope to make that announcement within the coming months.

He did not say that “we are very optimistic that we will have a buyer” until pressed by both WoM and the Plain Dealer.

Watch the word-smithing here:

buyer vs. potential buyer, “we have” vs. “we will have”, “the deal is not done” vs. “we already have a buyer”

Is there indeed a difference between “already having a buyer” and being “very optimistic that we will have a buyer” ?

That’s like me saying “I have a job” vs. “I’m very optimistic that I will have a job”.

Translation – Foltin got caught in an out and out lie and is making every attempt possible to cover his ass. That’s the bottom line here. Only he’s making it a bit too obvious.

Message to the rest of the 13th District: This is classic Craig Foltin – he uses creative word-smithing to twist the truth much like he uses creative accounting for Lorain’s financial dealings. We here in Lorain are used to it and can spot it a mile away. Hopefully you will begin to see the light as well.

The PD’s editors go on to explain their OPEN MIKE weblog policy:

A word about the ground rules for OPEN MIKE:

It’s been our policy all along that politicians posting on the site can say whatever they want, provided they do not engage in outright libel. And the right to say what they want extends to unsaying what they want as well. Readers may judge whether the revisions are inconsequential or not.


In this case I would argue that the revisions Foltin made are extremely consequential and speak more to “Who is Craig Foltin?” than that blog post ever could.

This revision is worth a thousand blog posts.

And how many words is that?

The Foltin Fiasco -and the PD and WoM-

July 11, 2009

Politics & Media & Craig Foltin Loraine Ritchey on 23 Sep 2006


Loraine Ritchey: Revisionist Writing

I have just returned from Maumee, where Ford closing their plant is still being talked about with tears, frustration and fear of the unknown. It is the 2nd such closing that has affected my family in the past 18 months, so good news re: a former Ford facility was very welcome on Friday! Good news turned to fiasco in a matter of hours.

For those of you that have followed my articles you will know that I have promised to treat these blog articles in the same manner and standard as if writing for the print media. Therefore I found it hard to comprehend that a well respected print publication would have a blog policy that is at the very least questionable.

I was on the receiving end of that policy this weekend and to that end I have written to the Cleveland Plain Dealer with regard to that policy. Credibility whether you are a public official, media outlet, journalist etc. is paramount and you owe it to the public that supports and depends upon you to be transparent and forthright. And to stand by what is written in your publication whether in ink or internet.

Dear Sirs,

I would first like to thank you for your coverage of Lorain and vicinity. Your publication both in print and on line has been a great source of information. I have used some of your findings in my own writing for the Blog http://www.thewomblog.com.

In fact after reading Friday’s print edition (September 22nd 2006) your banner top of the Metro Section “Breaking News” “Congressional candidate Craig Foltin gets the Open Mike for his turn to speak out at cleveland.com/open” I went to the “blog”. I was very pleased that according to the Foltin Blog that day “We already have a buyer of the plant…” and “A new buyer for the Ford Plant…” Since I had been in Canada for a few days I thought I had missed a big announcement (please refer to the Blog article of mine) http://thewomblog.com/?p=43

Upon reading Mr. Foltin’s blog – signed the Mayor of Lorain – I immediately contacted city officials for their opinions and clarifications for a follow up article. I quoted the “blog” in my own internet reporting, feeling secure in the knowledge that the Plain Dealer is a reputable source of correct information and the tough standards to which your publication both in print and on line adheres. I felt safe in the knowledge that I could link to the Open Mike Blog and my own readers would benefit from the information they would find when they linked through to your site.

Imagine my chagrin when I received e-mail after e-mail chastising me for misquoting Mayor Foltin and having my own credibility as a writer questioned. Luckily I had copied the “ORIGINAL” and was therefore able to defend my credibility. As you know credibility is everything to a journalist of any worth and to a publication whether it be on line or in print, and if it isn’t – it should be. Therefore, I would ask you to please reconsider your policy with regard to the blogs.

A word about the ground rules for OPEN MIKE: It’s been our policy all along that politicians posting on the site can say whatever they want, provided they do not engage in outright libel. And the right to say what they want extends to unsaying what they want as well. Readers may judge whether the revisions are inconsequential or not. –Ed.

Whilst I am in complete agreement with their freedom of speech and saying what they like, having been on the receiving end of what can happen to another’s credibility when “revisionist writing” takes place AFTER publication the consequences of the “unsaying” policy can lead to problems.

The “Blogs” are a wonderful tool and I too, am trying very hard to deal with this new way of “publishing”. I have written for American, British and Australian publications and I have personally decided that in this new sphere I will adhere to the same guidelines and standard that I was held to in print media.

I hope that you rethink your policy in regard to “unsaying” it is a dangerous precedent in my opinion and can cause a ripple effect as it did with me this week. Thank you again for your consideration and for an excellent publication.

Sincerely Loraine Ritchey http://www.thewomblog.com

Foltin’s PD Blog post

July 11, 2009
Thursday, September 21, 2006  
As I travel through the 13th District, I took my lap top and worked on a “master plan” for Northeast Ohio. My plan focuses on jobs, rebuilding the infrastructure, making college more affordable, raising the minimum wage, and getting a fair return on our tax dollars. It’s no secret that Northeast Ohio has seen a significant loss of jobs over the past few decades. The economy in America has changed, and with that change came the exporting of thousands of manufacturing jobs overseas to nations that gladly allow businesses to pay workers minimum wages to make maximum profits. As the Mayor of Lorain, I have worked since 2000 to get jobs back into our area, and not just any jobs, good paying jobs so people can support themselves and their families.When I was elected six years ago, the unemployment rate in Lorain was 13.6 percent, now it’s at about 5.2 percent, just over the national average. People in Lorain wanted to work, and they are great workers. I know that people all over the 13th District also want to work, and I intend to use the same policies I’ve used in the city of Lorain to revive other hard hit areas in our district. I have worked extremely hard to convince employers to open up businesses inside the city of Lorain, and thus far we have been successful in getting people within my city back to work.Recently, the Ford plant in Lorain has very publicly announced its closure. Fortunately, we already have a buyer of the plant, and we hope to make that announcement within the coming months. A new buyer for the Ford Plant, low unemployment numbers, housing booms, and other positive economic indicators have been regular throughout my Administration, and it’s no coincidence. I want as many people working as possible because I know how important a pay check is. Like most people in the 13th District, my parents worked very hard to support our family. I want every person looking for work in the 13th District to find it, and If I get the privilege to represent our district in Washington, I will work as hard as possible to attain that goal. If you would like to know more details about my plans to jump start the economy in our district, please check out my website at http://www.foltinforcongress.com.-Mayor Craig Foltin