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The Plain Dealer and Foltin Respond

With a huge tip of the WoM hat to rona! –

From the PD’s Stephen Luttner on the Openers Weblog (all emphasis is mine – sb)

On Second Thought

Attentive readers of OPEN noticed today that congressional candidate Craig Foltin had revised one of his posts on OPEN MIKE, deleting a reference about the impending sale of the vacant Ford plant in Lorain.

Foltin, the mayor of Lorain and candidate for Congress in the 13th District, said in the original post that a buyer was lined up for the plant – where thousands of workers once made Thunderbirds before the factory was closed.

“Fortunately, we already have a buyer of the plant and we hope to make that announcement within the coming months,” Foltin wrote.

But after re-reading those words later, Foltin decided to take them out. How come?

“I do not wish to say anything that could hinder the deal,” Foltin said Friday afternoon. He said he realized that he was drawing unwanted attention to the potential buyer of the plant, whom he declined to identify. “The deal is not done.”

“I will stand by my statements that we are very optimistic that we will have a buyer,” Foltin said.”

–Stephen Luttner

But that’s not what Foltin said in his original Opener’s Blog piece.

He said originally:

Fortunately, we already have a buyer of the plant, and we hope to make that announcement within the coming months.

He did not say that “we are very optimistic that we will have a buyer” until pressed by both WoM and the Plain Dealer.

Watch the word-smithing here:

buyer vs. potential buyer, “we have” vs. “we will have”, “the deal is not done” vs. “we already have a buyer”

Is there indeed a difference between “already having a buyer” and being “very optimistic that we will have a buyer” ?

That’s like me saying “I have a job” vs. “I’m very optimistic that I will have a job”.

Translation – Foltin got caught in an out and out lie and is making every attempt possible to cover his ass. That’s the bottom line here. Only he’s making it a bit too obvious.

Message to the rest of the 13th District: This is classic Craig Foltin – he uses creative word-smithing to twist the truth much like he uses creative accounting for Lorain’s financial dealings. We here in Lorain are used to it and can spot it a mile away. Hopefully you will begin to see the light as well.

The PD’s editors go on to explain their OPEN MIKE weblog policy:

A word about the ground rules for OPEN MIKE:

It’s been our policy all along that politicians posting on the site can say whatever they want, provided they do not engage in outright libel. And the right to say what they want extends to unsaying what they want as well. Readers may judge whether the revisions are inconsequential or not.


In this case I would argue that the revisions Foltin made are extremely consequential and speak more to “Who is Craig Foltin?” than that blog post ever could.

This revision is worth a thousand blog posts.

And how many words is that?

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