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Thursday, September 21, 2006  
As I travel through the 13th District, I took my lap top and worked on a “master plan” for Northeast Ohio. My plan focuses on jobs, rebuilding the infrastructure, making college more affordable, raising the minimum wage, and getting a fair return on our tax dollars. It’s no secret that Northeast Ohio has seen a significant loss of jobs over the past few decades. The economy in America has changed, and with that change came the exporting of thousands of manufacturing jobs overseas to nations that gladly allow businesses to pay workers minimum wages to make maximum profits. As the Mayor of Lorain, I have worked since 2000 to get jobs back into our area, and not just any jobs, good paying jobs so people can support themselves and their families.When I was elected six years ago, the unemployment rate in Lorain was 13.6 percent, now it’s at about 5.2 percent, just over the national average. People in Lorain wanted to work, and they are great workers. I know that people all over the 13th District also want to work, and I intend to use the same policies I’ve used in the city of Lorain to revive other hard hit areas in our district. I have worked extremely hard to convince employers to open up businesses inside the city of Lorain, and thus far we have been successful in getting people within my city back to work.Recently, the Ford plant in Lorain has very publicly announced its closure. Fortunately, we already have a buyer of the plant, and we hope to make that announcement within the coming months. A new buyer for the Ford Plant, low unemployment numbers, housing booms, and other positive economic indicators have been regular throughout my Administration, and it’s no coincidence. I want as many people working as possible because I know how important a pay check is. Like most people in the 13th District, my parents worked very hard to support our family. I want every person looking for work in the 13th District to find it, and If I get the privilege to represent our district in Washington, I will work as hard as possible to attain that goal. If you would like to know more details about my plans to jump start the economy in our district, please check out my website at Craig Foltin

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