November 13th-2007

Opinion & Loraine Ritchey Loraine Ritchey on 13 Nov 2007 09:52 am


It is easy being beige- be brave not beige?

Note: this was written before I went from Beige to  seeing RED on November the 8th 2007 – changes have been made to  the original  article but the Beige remains the same!

And see what it gets you?


Beige is the colour of safety, it is the color of PC and non controversial thinking and speaking. We have videos and commercials about not being Beige.

There are people even trying to shed the beige persona

When you’re beige, your stuck—there isn’t a whole lot you can do and if a change or an alteration is necessary, there you are in beige and where do you go from there? When you’re beige, you can’t reach out a grab hold of anything that can whisk you away from the muddy quagmire and tar-pit you’re stuck in—even when it is within reach. When you’re beige, you go with a lot of different things, which means you don’t go with anything. Bill Maher once pointed out that when something is publicized as “fun for the whole family,” that means you can be sure it’s fun for no one.

I’m not ready for a Harley or a Mohawk (both old-fashioned symbols of what people going through a mid-life crisis do to signify their attempt at being contemporary, only I’m so far from that that even my clichés are cliché.) But here goes painting my world that shade of beige that has the hint of the colors of the “wild and crazy” way we are going to be doing business. I just hope someone slaps me if I wind up looking like Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd playing those “wild and crazy” Czechoslovakian Festrunk brothers.

I wonder if Harley’s come in beige?

My mother has always accused me of being black and white in my thinking- no  grey or beige for me- but I get the distinct feeling Beige is  slowly taking  over my  rainbow  of  action – like some oozing beige blob slowly devouring my will , installing its beigness over my thoughts and actions sucking me into its warm beige underbelly to suckle on the teets of indifference, non commitment  and apathy.

Oh! I struggle some and rant and rave my colourful  opinions though are being tamed by the sheer weight of Beige…..


Is it family that has helped me on the way to Beige?

” Don’t make a fuss mum”

as I was doing just that on election night ,as I  requested  a paper ballot so I could ”write in” my particular choices Misty and Dexter ( comment 21)


“not  going to  do  you  any  good  anyway-  why  even bother –  I  am going to  pretend I am not  with  you ! ”

said my  “embarrassed by  his  mother -yet again son”. His  embarrassment started early when I turned up  at preschool dressed as a big yellow chicken (another story). Is he right? Probably, -so  sad –SOOOO  BEIGE

I  had for the first 50  years or so of  my life definite opinions, devil  may care , I stood my  ground, debated and argued the point- Beige was a dirty word– but lately I  find myself succumbing to Beige. It is  so easy being Beige, it is the Gutless Color, oh ! I make the excuse -pick your  battles- take  your  time to  react- get to  know  the other side, I know they are really excuses ( beige ones). 

Does one’s intestinal fortitude dry up  along with  disappearing hormones and brain cells, is it all  mother natures fault? Can I take a pill that will  give me back the will  to  be controversial and care? Ah! the soft comfy safety net of  Beige beckons me , calling to  me in soft fluffy clouds of beige…….  What is  it going to  take to  leave the  safe sanctuary of  Beige?

Note:  it  was ”the empty BEIGE square of dirt” that got  me seeing red-   Will  it last  my  passionate red personna? –  I  don’t know but I think my personna of rainbow colors will  be triggered by –  arrogance, futility-wordsmithying -ignorance-destruction- politics. Ask yourself


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