October 15th-2007 Cole and Foltin

Media & Loraine Ritchey & John Cole/Morning Journal Loraine Ritchey on 15 Oct 2007


COLE-fuc-*-us say :

Apologies to  Confucius 

Is  this man for  real  ?  TP photo
Since they don’t put the comics on line TP ( or That Paper) I always get a bit of laugh reading Mr. Cole’s take on life and so since we know that on August 1st  2004 Johnny Boy’s editorial sent Foltin charging off to the Shawnee and Terry  Casey –  his latest writings -especially this paragraph caused the bile to move up and out of  the stomach and nearly choke THAT Woman!

The second throw of the dice for Lorain was Craig Foltin’s pillow talk with the Eastern Shawnee Indians. Predicated on dubious legal claims and if-you-say-so financial, planning and managerial expertise, the treaty was signed, the chief and the mayor blew a lot of smoke in the air and, before you knew it, Lorainites woke up one morning blood brothers to Tecumseh. It was a lot of fun if nothing else.

OH Johnny Boy! here I  go  again “nay saying” waiting to  incur the wrath of the mighty King Cole! NO FUN  for the tax payer -over $100,000 wasted by my calculations thanks to you supplying the bed for the pillow talk,

Remember your words back then Johnny

If Lorain has any hope of ever getting the local casino many of its citizens have longed for, now would be a good time to get moving to make it a reality. If the Eastern Shawnees are successful, Lorain could find itself at a disadvantage because of the competition from the tribe’s casinos in southwestern Ohio or because of any potential agreements made between the state and tribal casino developers.

And after a great deal of reasoning why we should jump in bed with your “slot sluts” you end up saying.

It’s time again for Lorain to jump into the casino game.

For  your  FUN peoples lives  were disrupted and bunch of lemmings got on the casino tour bus

following General Foltin to the Battle of the Little Big Bucks – A town divided , people in other parts of Ohio having their property compromised. I could go on – YOU  SIR ! HAVE A PECULIAR IDEA OF  FUN?

Condos  for  Cole article” I  wrote:

It seems this town has a lot to thank Mr. Cole for in recent months. August 1st 2004 the editorial which pointed Lorain in the direction of the Eastern Shawnee. Starting off a firestorm of wheeling, dealing, controversy and spending of taxpayer’s money. The fact that National Capital One (in whose direction we were pointed) and Terry Casey, spokesperson for National Capital One who had a less than a sterling reputation was never mentioned in the editorial. In fact although Dayton, Cleveland newspapers carried the story of Casey’s “faux paux” I could never find mention of that fact in any of Cole’s Editorials. The fact that National Capital One has pleaded guilty to securities fraud has not had any mention in any editorial I have seen since. And oh yes! the very person to whom Cole’s ability to “squash” was touted was that same Terry Casey in the infamous e-mail from Mayor Foltin.

We at Wom documented up the yin-yang all  the money,  the waste of  time, expertise and city resources this whole fiasco cost this city and Johnny Boy I am so  glad YOU  HAD FUN at OUR EXPENSE!!!!!!

It seems a lot of  the FEES were apparently rolled over into “a Bond”  What Bond would  that be I wonder? Could it be the Bond for the Jail?

The legal bill from Anthony Calabrese and the law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease was rolled into a bond sale

Remember the  Jail  that never was Bond Johnny  Boy ? The Plain Dealer had an editorial on that  subject Johnny, maybe your  wife who  buys another newspaper could  fill  you  in!

Lorain, the largest city in Lorain County, has no jail. Its police send their criminal suspects to the county’s lockup. Some critics say the city of 68,000 people lacks a jail because Mayor Craig Foltin and Safety Director Craig Miller diverted available money that could have been used to replace the antiquated facility that was closed last year. They say it was spent on City Hall improvements, downtown lighting, landscaping and the like.

So  Johnny Boy the next time you  decided to  get us  in bed together for some pillow talk – cause you  good Ole Boys “just wanna have fun” – YOU  FOOT  THE  BILL!!!


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